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Subscription shops

Subscription store of the week: Babbabox

Behind the BabbaBox

Babbabox is the one of the most popular subscription stores in the USA, featuring toys for kids. The toys are actually more like small projects, that kids carry out with their hands (all the material are provided). It starts at 29,99 USD and currently is available in the USA only.

It looks like in the era of online computer games this is a smart alternative for spending time with your kids. I have not tried Babbabox myself, however, I found testimonials for anyone willing to give it a shot:

1)      “Things I love about BabbaBox:

  • Who doesn’t love a surprise?  I was just as excited as the kids to open up the box and learn the theme.
  • The BabbaBox is convenient.  Everything required to complete projects are in in the box; from bowls to glue.
  • BabbaBox includes carefully developed instructions to help parents adapt each activity for children with autism.
  •  BabbaBox makes a great gift.  Annual memberships are available and include 2 free boxes.”

By akesisel, available at: http://www.trekaroo.com/traveltips/tip/babbabox-engage-and-inspire-kids

2)        Fun activities for your kids, BabbaBox review

By DadLabs, available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nEIIZ9s4a8

As this example shows, good subscription stores can be successful in multiple industries. BabbaBox has so far raised 1.2 million USD from investors and boast a growing number of subscribers. The key to their popularity is an innovative product (with a good story built around it), beautiful packaging and excellent service. If you feel like subscription business might be for you, we will soon write about other ideas for subscription stores.



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